Safety first 💪🏼

According to CDC, recent studies have shown that COVID-19 virus may remain on surfaces or objects for up to 72 hours.

Airbnb is releasing safety measures, which will require us to block 48 hours as a safety protocol for guests. Why not also ensure we minimize COVID exposure to our housekeepers by delaying cleanings by 24 hours? In turn, minimize COVID exposure to our guests.

Guest checks out → Housekeeper cleans the same day (potentially picks up bacteria from surfaces) → Goes home (potentially transfers bacteria to other things they may come in contact with) → New guest checks-in (potentially picks up bacteria from surfaces)

Guest checks out → 24 hour wait period (increases the chances of coronavirus to become inactive) → Housekeeper cleans the next day (reduces the chances of picking up bacteria) → Guest checks in (reduces the chances of picking up active bacteria).

There doesn’t seem to be any downside in delaying cleanings.  If anything, it will hopefully help your guests and housekeepers gain more confidence in your vacation rental by feeling more comfortable and safe.

How to keep your housekeeper safe?

It’s simple:  You can log in to your Airbnb account and automatically block “preparation window” of 24 hours.  This will “block” your calendar day before and a day after checkout.  Click here to go to the video tutorial.

Now, when you notify your housekeeper of the cleaning date, simply let them know to clean your property the day after checkout (instead of the same day).

Automatically delay cleanings

Luckily, this is what exactly what Automatebnb’s Cleaning Automation product does!

If you would like to automatically delay cleanings by 24 hours, you can do this in one-click by activating delay cleaning feature.  But how do I activate delay cleaning? 🤔