As you may have heard, Airbnb will be launching their Enhanced Cleaning Protocol soon (ETA is May 2020).  This will require participating hosts to ensure your property remains vacant for at least 24 hours before anyone can enter your property.  Yes, this includes your housekeepers and cleaners.


This is a CDC recommendation to take proper precations for any COVID-19 particles that may have become airborne.
Source: Airbnb News (Enhanced Cleaning Initiative)

The Hope

This will hopefully build comfort and confidence in guests and they will start booking vacation rentals again (barring local regulations allow for it).

This is also a good safety measure you help keep your housekeepers safe during COVID-19.

What this means for you?

Hassle.  Because you will have to ensure you inform your housekeeper to enter the property 24 hours after the guest checks out.  As opposed to cleaning the same day.  If your checkout date changes, you will have to manually inform your housekeeper.

To make your life easier

But don't worry to make your life easier, we have launched Delay Cleaning. 🎉

In one-click you can activate Delay Cleaning, which will automatically add a 24 hour wait period for your housekeeper.

For instance:  say your guest checks out on May 1st.  Typically you would schedule you housekeeper to clean the same day (May 1st).

With Delay Cleaning activated, the system will automatically:

  1. Sync your vacation rental reservations
  2. Schedule cleaning with a 24 hour wait period added
  3. Notify your housekeeper the new cleaning date.  In the above example:  new cleaning date would be May 2nd (May 1st + 24 hour wait period).

The system has smart conflict checks in place to ensure for whatever resason if a 24 hour cleaning buffer cannot be added, it will notify you.  This can happen if you have existing back to back reservations.  

Take the hassle out of scheduling cleanings with your housekeeper.  Let us do the heavy lifting.

To make your life even easier

With Automatebnb, you can get your property on-boarded and setup in less than 5 minutes.  

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